How a Federal Fund For Crime Victims Discriminates Against Black and Brown Survivors

In the aftermath of a crime, victims and their families often turn to victim compensation funds, which provide financial compensation for victims to cover costs like hospital bills or replacing locks. This funding can help victims regain stability after a traumatic event as they seek opportunities for healing. Unfortunately, victim compensation funds are oftentimes not available to the survivors who need these resources the most -- those from Black and Brown communities. This is because survivors must report what happened to them to law enforcement, which presents a particular barrier for those from Black and Brown communities who distrust the police or have had a bad experience with the criminal legal system in the past. To help ensure that all New Yorkers who are impacted by violence or abuse can seek reimbursement for expenses incurred in the aftermath of being harmed, please sign our petition calling on New York to broaden the documentation requirement beyond law enforcement reporting.