Solutions To Violence: Creating Safety without Prisons or Policing

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D'Angelo Cameron

Senior Digital Engagement Manager. “I work at Common Justice because I believe in the power of digital media as a tool to change the narrative around incarceration and justice in the United States.”

Common Justice is proud to announce the release of our most recent and groundbreaking report: Solutions to Violence: Creating Safety Without Prisons or Policing. This report profiles 18 groups that are forging new paths to safety and healing that do not rely on the use of police or prisons.

In this report, we highlight restorative justice practitioners, community advocates, and local leaders who are doing the day-to-day work needed to build stronger and healthier communities, help people heal, and hold those who cause harm responsible for their actions.

A Black flyer with a protesters in front of police with their hands up and text that reads \

Solutions to Violence was developed to help strengthen and grow our movement. The interviews offered within can provide insight into best practices for intervening in violence as it occurs, for building viable models for accountability, centering survivors’ needs, or navigating the gray area between prison abolition and criminal justice reform. However this report is used, our hope is that it serves those who are doing the difficult work of navigating violence, harm, safety, and accountability, while always holding true that no human being is disposable.


We recently held a panel and launch event for the report. If you would like to watch and share it with your network, click this link here.

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